Extreme Jr. Dragster


The Half Scale Extreme Jr. Dragster is the gold standard of Junior Dragster performance. The Extreme Jr. Dragster chassis has been perfected over a decade of on track experience and customer feedback. Our Extreme Jr. Dragster is the most reliable and consistent hard tail bracket Dragster available.

Swing Arm Junior Dragster

Swing Arm

Our new Swing Arm Jr. Dragster chassis has been incredibly successful and one of the most popular swing arm suspended Junior Dragster chassis available. Our swing arm design will improve bad launches on poorly prepped starting lines, help manage bumpy race tracks and improve driver control on the top end.

Outlaw Jr. Dragster


The Half Scale Outlaw Jr. Dragster builds on the proven success of our Extreme Junior Dragster chassis but with all of the performance upgrades and options we can throw at it! Designed for high performance, the Outlaw Jr. Dragster has won more championships than all other chassis builders combined.

Jr. Fueler Junior Dragster

Jr. Fueler

Specifically designed for the younger 5-7 year old class, the Jr. Fueler is the perfect entry level Jr. Dragster chassis to get started in, and grow with your young driver. The overall length is shorter to help maneuver easier, the rear end is wider for stability, and the pedal and seating positions are more flexible.